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Culom after all these years by DarthSlatis Culom after all these years :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 5 0 Philip Gavin - Sketch by DarthSlatis Philip Gavin - Sketch :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 2 0 Sephiroth, Squall, and Cloud - inked busts by DarthSlatis Sephiroth, Squall, and Cloud - inked busts :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 6 0 Loren Kingsley by DarthSlatis Loren Kingsley :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 6 0
Virgin Heart Ch.1-Pt.7
             What sort of man was he with? The virgin whore couldn't guess. This man had shown so many emotions in just these few moments alone with him, and they each touched Rory in a different and stunning way. He had shown himself to somehow be near gallant, contemptuous, refined, serious, and then suddenly soft, sad, sweet, and lonely in a heart racing conglomerate that Rory could not have anticipated. And then the last look in his eyes, something so distinctly drawing, dare the young prostitute gauge it as even . . . alluring?
             Rory was sure his guest could feel his hand trembling in his. Did he already know how his subtle gesture had stirred the youth before him? Had he already planned this method of seduction?
              "And I have one last question for you," The ma
:icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 9 32
Dream Creature by DarthSlatis Dream Creature :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 1 0 Minimum Sorrow by DarthSlatis Minimum Sorrow :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 0 0 Nostalgia by DarthSlatis Nostalgia :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 1 0 A Long Day Viewed . . . by DarthSlatis A Long Day Viewed . . . :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 1 4
Virgin Heart Ch.1-Pt.6
            Rory's eyes widened as his gaze snapped back to his guest. His voice had been pleading, gentle, yet fluttering with laughter in a way; a genuine show of emotion. And such a tender word as 'darling' seemed so strange. It hadn't sounded forced, or fake. No, it hadn't even sounded sarcastic. It was . . .
            He was smiling. Rory felt his face flush under this new expression of affection. True, the dignitary had it partially concealed behind his graceful fingers, but the youth could see him smiling all the same. It made creases along his cheek and added the faintest color to his skin. It changed his beauty from something god-like and untouchable to something warm and charming. He was quite handsome, Rory realized, and this mysterious figure was smiling at him.
             "Eh . .
:icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 4 16
A Pilgrim's Path by DarthSlatis A Pilgrim's Path :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 1 0
Virgin Heart Ch.1-Pt.5
            Rory's pulse jumped when he realized he was now alone with this man. He bit his lip and turned his head to look at the mysterious figure still standing at the window. The slender dignitary reached a hand slowly up to pull the curtain aside. He seemed to be looking at the night sky.
             "I apologize for belittling your master that way." He said. Rory blinked; dare he believe he heard the faint tremor of embarrassment in that carefully controlled voice? "I despise businessmen and their infectious greed." He seemed to growl this, but when he turned back to the room, all Rory could see in his face was boredom. In a voice to match he said, "You see, I'm typically the one cleaning up after their messes, and saving them from their own destruction."
            He strode lazily to the
:icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 5 15
Cross Dressed and Crossed Over by DarthSlatis Cross Dressed and Crossed Over :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 3 5 Atros is going to kick some - by DarthSlatis
Mature content
Atros is going to kick some - :icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 92 51
Virgin Heart Ch.1-Pt.4
            Atros nodded before asking, "Would you like a glass of zeck or champagne –?"
             "Neither, I would like port." The stranger plucked at the fingers of his gloves one at a time. "A bottle of your highest quality, if you please." He dropped one leather glove with a snap onto the small table. "As well as a bottle of seltzer water – you won't mind that, will you?"
            Rory started when he realized the question had been directed at him. There was a panicked moment when his eyes darted from the guest's stoic features to the master of the Teahouse. Atros was glaring at him through the corner of his eyes, answer the question.
             "That's just fine, whatever you want is just fine . . ." Rory's vo
:icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 8 7
Virgin Heart Ch.1-Pt.3
            The tall man's eyes bore down on the master of the Teahouse, but Atros seemed completely unfazed. The two men stood unmoving for a moment, their gazes equally matched. Rory was comforted that this man wasn't wholly unchallenged. Atros would be able to stand up to him if he did anything . . . Rory looked down at his shoes. Don't think about that, just don't think about that . . .
             "I think I have another room that will be more to your liking." He heard Atros say with his usual calm. The man didn't make a sound in response; he simply stood to his straightest and crossed his arms again. You had better, Rory could imagine him saying. The master of the Teahouse stepped aside to allow the guest precedence over the door, but the man didn't stir. After a long and uncomfortable pause, Atros arched his brow and went ahead. Only then d
:icondarthslatis:DarthSlatis 8 4


It seems so much longer. 
I've graduated collage.
Changed religions.
Moved into my own apartment.
Am still dating my same lover.
Created a great deal of art.
I have learned so much.

But I come back and look through my gallery of old high-school drawings with a warm glow of nostalgia and smile at old memories. 
I look forward to starting to post again, and in another four years, we'll see where I'm at.


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